Svaneti Backcountry is a privately held corporation offering world-class backcountry adventures at exotic and interesting locations. Focusing on the former Eastern Bloc we aim to show what these sometimes forgotten gems have to offer, and also to provide groups with insight in the culture, history and lifestyle of the countries we visit.

We have been hosting guided ski tours in Svaneti with IFMGA-certified guides since 2013. We have first-hand knowledge of the area, and we aim at combining local history and culture, with epic days in the magnificent mountains in Svaneti, Georgia. If you want more information please see our tour-sites, or contact us for additional information.

Svaneti Backcountry is run by exploring-minded individuals with a passion for mountains, and a meaningful approach to group-tours. We always use local partners to get the genuine local approach to our tours, and to get that perfect blend of cultural, social and backcountry adventures.

Audun Lutn├Žs / Managing Director / Founder

Audun holds a passion for mountain-adventures, and especially secret gems off the beaten path. Through Svaneti Backcountry, he has been organising guided ski-tours to Svaneti since 2013, and he has first-hand knowledge of the skiing, culture, and local partners of the area.

Sigurd Felde / Guide

Sigurd has been living off and in the mountains for the last 20 years. He has been a mountainguide through all seasons for the last two decades, and he is IFMGA certified through Nortind. Sigurd has skied most continents, including Antarctica, and he has also been on several long ski-expeditions.